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About Lindy Central - Etiquette 

Lindy Central is dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, welcoming space and experience for all attendees. We welcome all dancers and jazz enthusiasts redardless of age, gender / gender identiy, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, religion, socioeconomic status, or beliefs. We will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any form.  If we feel your are being disruptive or making anyone feel uncomfortable, we my ask you to leave,  If your behavior warrants it, we may ban you from all future events or involve the police. 

Our aim is to spread the joys of dancing.  We specialize in vernacular jazz era dances from the 1920s through the late 1940s such as 
Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, Shag, and Solo Jazz movements

Dancing at Lindy CentralIn 2016, Lindy Central relocated to the Central Pennsylvania area.  We host regular weekly classes in and around the Harrisburg area.  We specialize in teaching swing dancing to all levels of dancer from newcomer to masters. Your instructors are experienced dance teachers who care about your welcoming and encouraging experience in our classes.  Due to the nature of dance, at times, you might feel challenged in our classes.  This is often when you do the most growing as a dancer.  Allow for some challenge, but if you ever have concerns about your level or flow, please do come and chat with us.  We want you to have a great experience.  

In our classes, we ask that people respect each other and remember that first and foremost,
we are there to dance and learn about dance and the music that acompanies it. 

We teach partner dances in many of our classes and in partner dances there are usually two roles: the leader and the follower.  

We do not care which role you would like to do and encourage people to choose a role that is most appealing personally.  We also encourage people to spend time learning a bit about both roles to increase not only your understanding of the dance itself, but also your empathy for your partners. That being said, please do stick to one role for the duration of each class. If a class is one hour long, we would like you to stick to a role for that entire hour since it is such a short time. If you want to change the role you are learning during a progressive series (multiple hours) that is fine with us, let us know and we will do what we can to help catch you up in the next class. 

The "Lead role" is what we often think of as the initiator of moves, but in no way does the leader "control" the dance.  The leader makes a suggestion and comes up with the "moves" and or direction that is then suggested to the follower.  

The "Follow role" is often what we consider the interpreter of the leader's ideas and sugestions. The follower has just as much input and value in the dance as the leader. 

In our classes we strive to give ample information to both leaders and followers to make sure you both understand how important both roles are in a partner dance such as this one.  Our dance is like a beautiful, two-way conversation.  We will help you learn oodles of skills to make sure you feel connected to your partner, the music, and most importantly, your self.  

Remember, you are always allowed to decline any dance partner.  It is okay to say "No!"
If you receive a "no" response, please politely move on to the next partner with something simple like, "okay, maybe another time!"  We do not need to read into why someone replies with a "no," 

That being said, we do encourage people to remember that this is a social dance and we do gain a lot by asking new people to dance and by asking dancers of all levels to dance.  It is good for us personally and great for the dance scene as well.  Everyone started as a beginner.  Let's try to be friendly, courteous, welcoming, and still respectful of all boundaries.  An enthusiast, genuine, "Yes" is always a great thing to hear as well.  

General guidelines to maximize your fun:
If you bump into someone on the dance floor, a quick apology is much appreciated.
If you are sick, please spend the night at home and get your dancing fix watching youtube!

If you just consumed mass quantities of onion and garlic soup, please help yourself to a mint or mouthwash.  (*this goes for any offensive smell - coffee, too)

If you sweat a lot, and a lot of us do, please just bring an extra shirt or two and maybe a towel.  
No big deal.

Not everyone appreciates long dips, low dips, and or fast dips.  Be mindful.

Not everyone wants to be in a long, close embrace.  Please respect your partners.  If you are just dancing with someone for the first time, we ask that you spend time getting to know them in a more "open position."  If someone wants to dance in a position such as a close embrace and you are uncomfortable, we urge you to speak up.  Saying something like, "I am not totally comfortable in close position" this should be enough and that person should stop immediately.  We hope that if you are receiving this advice, please do not take it personally.   We all have different comfort levels. 

Please stay STOP or NO if you are ever uncomfortable.    
If you are uncomfortable, walking away is also okay.  Please come find us if someone did not stop when you asked them to stop.

The social dance floor is not the time for aerials, tricks, or lifts.  Please save those for jams and contests that allow them. 

Please do not offer unsolicited advice - even if you think it would be ever so helpful.  Classes are for instruction and corrections.

Let's keep it friendly, welcoming, and encouraging for all.  Let foster a sence of respect and fun so we can all thrive. 

And please, please do help us bring in new dancers by sharing our website, facebook links, flyers, and more.  Word of mouth is often best! Thank you so much.  Your support is so appreciated.  Thank you, sincerely. 

* * * * * *

If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any of our dances and or events, please do not hesitate to come talk to an organizer, instructor, or DJ immediately.  We are safe and will do all we can to keep your safe and comfortable.  


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