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About Lindy Central

Dancing at Lindy CentralIn 2016, Lindy Central relocated to the Central Pennsylvania area.  We host workshops, events, and regular weekly classes in and around the Harrisburg area.  We specialize in teaching swing dancing to all levels of dancer from newcomer to masters. Your instructors are experienced dance teachers who have traveled around the world to teach & dance lindy hop. They have oodles of experience as instructors and social dancers and will help you get started on the right foot in the world of swing dancing. Be prepared for a super welcoming experience when you start dancing with Lindy Central.  We are here to help you learn the art of social dancing as well as to work on other dance skills as well.  

Lindy Central originally began in the San Francisco Bay area in the early 2000s and hosted many of the Bay area's premier Swing & Lindy Hop Dance venues, welcoming all styles of Swing, but heavily focusing on vernacular swing era dances such as the Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Blues, Shag, & derivatives of these dances. On special occasions, we do host other styles of dance in order to help promote dancing in general, especially partner dancing, and/or dances related to the roots of our dance, the Lindy Hop. We offer a variety of class levels and unless it says otherwise, you do not need a partner to attend our classes or dances.

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History of Lindy Central (formally known as Swing Central)

Carla and Patrick Teaching
Patrick and Carla teaching
at the Fillmore Jazz Festival - 2005

Swing Central has grown to be the Swing dance home for many Bay Area dancers. Founded in 1998 by world renowned swing dancers Rob and Diane Van Haaren, Swing Central continues to spread the infectious love for Lindy Hop to an ever-growing swing community. Series classes with the US National Lindy Hop Champion Carla Heiney and other world-class swing dance instructors continue to draw inspired Lindy Hoppers from all across the Bay area & nation. Live band nights and fun dance competitions have been known to have more than 250 attendees. Remember, we always offer a Beginner Class every Tuesday! Swing Central provides a very friendly atmosphere for learning and sharing. We look forward to meeting you on the dance floor soon.

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Carla LaRue Heiney

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