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Class levels (descriptions below):

All Levels Welcome Beginner-Intermediate
Beginner Friendly Intermediate
Balboa Advanced-Intermediate

July 2017 Classes - Open Social Dance Party is on July 6th ~ 9:15pm


7:00pm - Advanced Beginner Lindy Hop - Connections - 
~ with Carla, Brennan, & Rye
Connection and communication in your dancing - Level 2 and up. This is a must have class for anyone wanting to really elevate his or her dancing.
In this class, we will work on learning the often subtle, yet clear differences between different rhythms and information in the dance. Have you ever watched someone dancing wondering how they knew to do a turn on spot versus a turn down the line?  Have you ever wondered how that follower asked her partner for a little more energy?  Have you ever wondered how you could be rocking the basics while your partner is decorating like wild and you are still 100% connected? Well, we will address these ideas and more in this fabulous class.  
You Must know basics before taking this class!! It is a truly wonderful experience to be able to connect more with your partner, the music, the energy around you and ultimately, with yourself!  Join us soon for this amazing class, but in order to join us, please already know both 6 count, 8 count, charleston, swingouts, and basic timing. 

8:15pm - Beginner Swing - 8-Count Rhythms
~ with Carla, Brennan, & Angela
In this class, learn basic 8 count rhythms and movements to expand your dance vocabulary. We will start off with fun footwork drills to get you moving and grooving and then connecting with a partner in no time at all. 8 count rhythms in closed and open position.  This is the class to get started in your lindy hop.  A fun class geared at teaching you how to get out on the dance floor sooner than later and have the ultimate experience.  If you were just in June's classes, this is THE next class to take!
No Experience needed and No Partner Necessary

8:15pm - Solo Hip-Hop Movement ~ with Justine & Eric
They will focus on getting the FEEL of the movement and the music while teaching you some super fun moves to do so. This is OPEN to EVERYONE!!! Join us and bring your friends - we are totally excited for this. We need a minimum of 12 people to make this class happen - so please register early and tell your friends. Lindy Hop to Hip Hop. Get ready for a fun and hip class teaching you all the ends and outs of social dances from the 1920s to the present. Learn some of the latest Hip Hop dances and solo jazz dances like the nae nae, Patty Duke, apple jack and slip slop to name a few. Join Eric and Justine and learn the connection between the old and new, while going over musicality and making the moves your own. 


8:15pm - Balboa Bi-Monthly - Expanding Your Foundations (July 6th & 20th only) ~ with Alex & Brennan
Balboa is moving to a Bimonthly schedule due to the summer months and travel schedules for our teachers teaching in other cities. We will continue developing Balboa in the Central PA area and hope you can join us on the first and third Thursdays. July's Balboa classes will require a minimum level of experience - please know basic rhythms in Balboa, come-around, toss-out, and in-and- out concepts before attending class.  If you are not sure, please email me for more information. Balboa classes will be Drop-in each week, but we will send out an email or FB post to gain an awareness of who is coming to be better prepared.

Balboa schedule - July 6th and July 20th - taught by Alex, & Brennan
$12 / person / drop-ins


 July 6th - Open Social Dance Party following the classes
 9:15pm - 11:00pm - Social dance party - all welcome 
$5 / the dance only or $12 / person for class and includes the dance

Class Dates & Schedule

July 6th, 13th, 20th, & 30th - progressive 4-week series
*Balboa Bi-Monthly - July 6th & 20th

 Pricing & Registration:

$35 / person / one series - 4 weeks total  - if registered by July 3rd
$70 / person / two series in same month - 4 weeks total  - if registered by July 3rd

$40 / person / one series - 4 weeks total  - if registered by July 3rd
$80 / person / two series in same month - 4 weeks total  - if registered by July 3rd

$12 / drop-in per class space permitted - take two classes in one night for $20 / person 






Always Time for Dancing
941 Kranzel Drive
Camp Hill, PA 17011



About Carla

Carla Heiney has been teaching Lindy Hop and other forms of Vintage swing dancing for over 15 years and is founder and owner for Lindy Central located in the San Francisco Bay area. She lays claim to some of the most prestigious competition titles including American Lindy Hop Champion, US Open Lindy Hop Champion, World Lindy Hop Champion, and International Lindy Hop Champion.  She has also choreographed for the well-known and well-loved hit dance show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”  

In 2011 Carla was creative director for a new hit dance show featuring several full-sized orchestras and professional dancers entitled “Let’s Dance” which toured parts of the US and Canada.  She has traveled all over the world teaching dance including numerous times at the infamous Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden.  She has performed on the prestigious stages of Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center.

Social dancing and teaching are passions for Carla and she thinks that learning to dance is something everyone is capable of doing. She has an amazing ability to communicate movement and partnering in her teaching.Her dancing is grounded in technique and improvisation which coincides with the jazz music she loves to dance to.

Carla is an avid fan of having fun; while learning technique is of serious importance, learning while having fun and remembering the amazing thrill of dancing while on the social floor is something she certainly wants all her students to experience and become masters of themselves.