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Saturday Swing Dancing

RL_vDancers.jpg The Rhythm Lounge is a once-a-month Saturday dance venue located in Burlingame, CA. Relaunched in May 2009, it has been a smash hit!

Our new home is right in the heart of it all. Great restaurants, tons of FREE (after 6pm) and easy parking. And a 10 minute leisurely walk from Cal-train! We will have your favorite DJs rippin' and roaring some sweet swing tunes for you during our dance. So if Swing is your thing you know where you need to be!

Rhythm Lounge provides a great learning opportunity for all levels of Swing Dancer. Whether you are just starting out, or have been dancing for years, Rhythm Lounge is the place to learn how to make the most of your dance steps and take your dancing to a new level. We are open one Saturday each month and vary the themes of our classes so each session provides a well-rounded experience for dancers. Take classes from an amazing lineup of instructors including US Open Champions & World Lindy Hop Champions!

Never Been Dancing Before? How to Start? We have wonderful options for people just starting out in Swing Dancing and for people who want a refresher in the basics. Check out the Fundamentals / Beginning Lindy Hop at Rhythm Lounge.

The Fundamentals Class provides a great way to learn the basic steps and skills you need to get you on the dance floor. If you have not danced in a long time, this is a great place to start again & or if you are brand new to dancing, we suggest starting in any class that says "Fundamentals”or “Beginner."


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