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About Swing Dancing

At Lindy Central, we focus our energy primarily on Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa, all variations on swing dancing that offer wonderful flexibility and expression on the dance floor. Here's some info on various types of swing dancing:

Lindy Hop

The granddaddy of all swing dancing was created in Harlem in the late 1920's. This exciting dance incorporates footwork based on the Charleston, Boogie Woogie break away steps, freezes, and 6-count and 8-count traveling steps. It's an energetic, swinging', happy dance that can be danced to slow or fast swing music & everything in between.


Get your kicks with the Charleston. It's the foundation and a basic of the Lindy Hop. Here's where you'll learn those fun Charleston variations, including Kick-Throughs, Hand to Hand, and Tandem. It adds excitement and gives you a chance to move to faster music with ease, as well as catch your breath

Vernacular Jazz (ie: Shim Sham, Big Apple, etc.)

These are traditional Jazz steps that you learn during our class warm-ups. Add flavor to your dancing with Shorty George, Suzie Que, Fall off the Log, Boogie Down, and many more. 

Vintage Blues / Savoy Ballrooming / Slow Drag

Vintage Blues and Savoy Ballroomin', sometimes called the Savoy Walk, or just the Walk. It's the style of Blues Lindy Hoppers at the Savoy in its later years created to dance to Big Band Blues. The dancers mimicked the dancing of Fred and Ginger but with the raw athleticism and sense of musicality that only Harlem's best Lindy Hoppers could bring. Damon and Heidi will teach not only the basic rhythms and moves of this amazing dance but some flashy and classy moves and styling that are sure to wow spectators and your partner alike

Balboa / Bal-Swing

Balboa is a partner dance that builds off of an 8 count basic pattern and is done in a tightly closed position with your partner. Balboa originated in Southern California during the 1930s. This dance incorporates lots of subtle, intricate footwork and body-leads. Bal-Swing infuses the footwork and rhythms of Pure Balboa and introduces open body positions, throw-outs, spins, and other "swing style movements" creating a different look and feel to the dance.

East Coast Swing

The "Swing" most people think of when they hear the word "Swing."  Consists of 6-count steps usually danced to high energy music. We usually teach 6 count swing steps and rhythms in our fundamentals classes for the first week or 2 of any series. We incorporate many 6 count patterns and rhythms in nearly all levels of our lindy hop classes here at Swing Central.

Types of Classes We Offer

Learn from the pros! We offer classes to fit a wide range of experience levels. Here you can learn what is expected for each level, and what goes into each class. Then check out our current classes!

Fundamentals of Lindy Hop

Fundamentals of Lindy Hop Classes start at the Beginning and are geared for Raw Beginners, people who need to revisit his or her basics, dancers who have not danced in a long time, & anyone looking for a brush-up on the basics of the dance. We will start off most Fundamentals of Lindy Hop Classes with the 6 count Triple Step Basic & then eventually move into the 8 Count Lindy Hop basic. Fundamentals Class are "Progressive" and the material builds from week to week. You will learn how to comfortably mix 6 & 8 count rhythms and Charleston into your Lindy Dancing.

Fundamentals of Lindy Hop II, etc.

Part II Classes are open to anyone! Fundamentals of Lindy Part II can be used as a continuation of any basic Lindy Hop or Fundamentals class & can also stand on its own. It is a class designed for beginners and for students with some experience as well. It is a great opportunity for dancers who have only been exposed to a limited amount of Lindy Hop or Swing Dancing. This class is still suitable for RAW beginners as well.

Learn things such as: 6 count basic, 8 count basic, 8 count Swingout, Lindy Circle, Side-by-Side Charleston, pass-bys, partner connection, basic musical phrasing, the Skip up, swingout from closed, tuck turns, Swingout Variations, Basic Jazz movement, Texas Tommy, Jump Turns, basic styling elements, and other fun moves. Remember, these classes are progressive, with each class building on what was taught in the last. If you can't commit to the entire series, you can attend drop-in classes when available.

Pre-Intermediate Classes

These classes are geared towards individuals who have some experience with Lindy Hop or Swing and are ready to move onto the next level, but are not quite ready for our more complicated classes (Intermediate, Advanced, Performance etc) and concepts. These are great classes to increase your basic concepts of dancing, partnering skills, and to pick up a few new moves too. ; )

Please be comfortable with the following Lindy Hop terminology and be competent in executing these dance steps BEFORE registering for any class at Swing Central above Beginner and/or Fundamentals Levels:

In order to feel at ease in our Pre-Intermediate Class, please know: Lindy Swingout, Circle, pass-by, swingout from closed, swingout with outside turn, swingout with inside turn, basic tuck-turns, side-by-side Charleston and both 6 & 8 count footwork!

Lindy Hop Performance / Routine Classes

Performance / Routine Classes are a great way to challenge your dance skills by working week to week on a progressive routine choreographed by your instructors. At the end of the Peformance Class series, you will have multiple opportunities to Perform the routine and or be invited to perform at special events around the Bay area.
Performing at the end of the series is an OPTION and not mandatory. We have many people from class choose to perform at different time and locations depending on their schedules and comfortability with the routine. Remember, performing is just an option and should be a fun, positive experience. We do encourage people to perform and occassionally, we have extra rehearsals to prepare for special performances. You will learn new, exciting moves, new ways to think about musicality, new partner dynamics and most of all, you will have FUN!

Details about the class material:

Each week will learn a new piece of the routine and you have the option of rotating in with different partners and or bringing your own partner. In our previous Performance Classes, about 50% of the class rotates with different partners each class. This is entirely your own preference. Some people feel more comfortable bringing a partner for the entire series and others like to rotate with different partners. We think you should decide what is best for you for any given performance class.

In addition, we will teach NEW material each week and only spend the beginning of each class reviewing the material from the week before. It is very important that you spend a little time reviewing the material from the previous week's class in order to make sure you are ready to progress with the rest of us and with the new material. Remember, we can only set up a journey for you to take in these performance classes; we can give you goals and homework assignments, but it is up to YOU how far you will go with the routine and how much you will get out of it.

We try to keep the majority of the routines LEAD and FOLLOW based introducing new ways to think of musicality, body movement, and partner connection. We also stress the importance of learning "your part" in these routine, which again will make it easier not only for you to progress with the material, but easier for you to connect your movements to the music and to your partner.

We will provide music posted on the website and CDs available in class. You are also encouraged to bring a notebook and a video camera to class in order to record the material at the end of each session. Don't worry, most people in the class share their cameras and make videos clips available to the rest of the class for FREE. They are super nice people!

The Performance Classes are Super Exciting and Super Fun! They bring a real sense of community & bonding to the dance arena. We have lots of laughs and you will LEARN A LOT!

Performance Classes are geared for Intermediate and Above Lindy Hoppers. We will assume that you competently know the following lindy movements without question:

Lindy Swingout, Lindy Circle, Lindy Swingout from Closed, Basic Side-by-side Charleston, Basic Tandem Charleston, Basic Tuck-Turns, Basic 6 count rhythms, basic Jazz Movements.

If not, you might consider taking one of our Intermediate level or Beginner/Intermediate classes to gear up for the Performance Class.

Sampler Classes

For those looking to juice up their dance with extra tricks, transitions, and styling, we regularly offer Sampler Classes. These can be taken together as a series or as standalone classes. Each series will be geared to a specific skill-level, and vary from month to month.

So why should someone take the "Full Series?"

Great Question!! We think taking a "full series" of classes and building on the material with the same teachers and classmates every week for several weeks in a row actually permits a higher level of learning and progress. We usually see the students in the Progressive series learn at a faster rate & reach a higher skill level than individuals who only "drop-in" from time to time. Of course, we want you there every week to enjoy your smiling faces and share this wonderful dance with you too : )

In addition, dancers in the Progressive series usually are exposed to all the core basics in a formatted, structured way that allows the dancers to piece together the information and make sense out of the dance and the movements. If you are only "dropping in" every now and then, you might miss a critical piece of information. We also think that the repetition of meeting for several committed weeks in a row promotes a healthier, happier, more conclusive, positive learning experience for each individual.

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