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Welcome to Lindy Central – Here is a small sample of what we offer.

 Check out the information regarding the different classes and Punch Card Membership System!


Swing 1 =  6 count focus (*great starting place)

single time  &  triple steps
variation on 6 count passes
inside turn to closed
tuck turn
kick-ball-change styling
under arm for the leaders
6 count circle
sugar pushes
push turns
fun footwork

Swing 2 =  8 Count Focus (*great starting place) – The Swingout!!!

circle in closed
swingout from closed
lindy circle open to closed
swingout open to open
swingout variations

Swing 3 = Charleston World (*great starting place)

Charleston side--by-side variations & footwork
into hand-to-hand variation & more & transitions /  Charleston turns

Swing 4 = Charleston - Tandem / Shadow Charleston

Recommended after taking at least Beginner 1 or 2 & we highly suggest Swing 3

Tandem entrances
Tandem variations & transitions
mixing with 6 count and 8 count into tandem Charleston from side-by-side too

Swing 5 & above  

Recommended only after completing Swing 1, 2, 3, or instructor permission

Swing 5 = Swingout Variations & Connection

Swing 6 = Understanding basic musicality – Jazz Dance Steps

Swing 7 = Spins and Turns

Swing 8 = Slow Dancing / Bluesy Swing Dancing

Recommended after Swing 1, 2, 5, & 6 for maximum benefit!


Swing 9  = Dips, Tricks, Mini-Jumps Partner Required - recommended after Swing I, 2, 3, 4


These are only just a few of the topics we offer at Lindy Central.  Content may vary slightly from series to series and class to class.  Swing 1, 2, and 3 are built around a more uniform curriculum to prepare to students for really getting out on the dance floor as soon as possible and preparing for higher level classes, such as Swing 4 and above. They are also built as a sort of natural progression with each other.  Swing 1 through 9 is built as a very “enriched progression” covering a variety of topics for social dancers, performers, and Swing Dance enthusiasts.


Students may mix and match their classes to fit their schedules and needs and likes.  We do suggest that for brand new students, dancers who have taken a break for a while, or people wanting to refresh their basics, to start with Swing 1, 2, or 3 so as to prevent from getting frustrated in classes.


We also suggest that you may want to consider retaking a class if you missed a week or 2 or if you just need a little extra time to really allow things to sink in and muscle memory to build.  People learn differently and we understand that here at Lindy Central.  Please do come and talk to us about your concerns and questions.  If you are unsure of what class to take, please feel free to ask us.

It is not uncommon for students to take Swing 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5  multiple  times.


We also offer specialty topics, taster classes, and workshops, so be sure to check the website for updates.  There is a lot to learn and this is going to be super fun.  Thank you for joining us.


Don’t have a Punch Card yet?  Come and see us at the front desk for one anytime during your current class series.  If we have run out, we will be sure to bring you one the next week. 


We work hard at Lindy Central to bring you the best that we can in instructors, venues, music, and more.  Many of our instructors are world traveling, championship instructors.  Most are nationally traveling instructors, competitors, or social dancers.  They bring with them a very high level of experience, enthusiasm, and very kindred spirits.  We have a goal of continuing this high level of expertise for your learning enjoyment. 


Thank you for joining us on the dance floor.


 ~  Happy Dancing from all of us at Lindy Central