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Thursday Swing Dance classes - postponed until November

We apologize, but our October classes are being canceled / postponed until November!

Thursday evening progressive Swing dance / Lindy Hop / Balboa Classes

* 7:00pm -   Class 1 - level 1 / All Levels - Jazz Movement / Solo Dance class. 
This class is specifically designed as an all levels, fun paced, get groovy and kick up your heels kind of class.  We are also going to pair it with our Level 2 Improvisation class.  If you want to make the most out of your October classes, we recommend you take both classes on Thursday evenings.  

No Experience Needed!
No Partner Necessary!
Specializing in two-left feet.
Great compliment to the 8:15pm class for those of you in level 2 or above!


* 8:15pm - Class 2 - level 2 Lindy Hop - Improvisation in your lindy hop: 
Join us for a fun class exploring improvisation.  Swing dance is a dance done to jazz music (big band and jazz) and therefore, we need to learn how to respond not only to the rhythms of the songs, but we also need to learn how to play each instrument through our own body movement.  Join us to learn how to create those spontaneous, magical moments we all crave in partner dancing.  How both followers and leaders can showcase ideas and cue each other in the dance.  This is a FUN, FUN class on creativity and teamwork. You will definitely learn new things and have a blast. 

Please already know 6 count, 8 count, charleston basics and have been exposed to the swingout as well

No Partner Needed!

Register early for $40 per person per series // $68 / person for 2 series same month

Please send paypal payment to for your classes in October.  
$40 / person for one monthly series by October 3rd
$68 / person for both series in October


We apologize, but our October classes are being canceled / postponed until November!

We are working on our registration system with the new website.  Thanks for your patience.