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Level 1 Beginner Swing / Lindy

New Beginner Swing Dance classes - level 1

4 week session starting Thursday, March 8th 8:15 - 9:15pm

We will be focusing on 6 count rhythms in this class as well as some basic fun moves such as the tuck turns and passes.  The idea is to build your confidence and get you out on the dance floor as feeling good and having fun as soon as possible.

This is a great class to get your feet wet in the world of swing dancing and partner dancing!
This goes nicely with any of our other level 1 classes or if you need a refresher course.  
If you are interested in learning the opposite role of lead or follow, we suggest starting in our level 1 classes such as this one as well.

We recommend that people attempt to take at least several months  of level 1 classes before joining us in a level 2 class (*6 count for a month, 8 count for a month, charleston for a month and then maybe even our level 1.5 class of mixing rhythms for a month).  Not sure which class is right for you, please check in with us as we are always happy to help.  Also, check out the information on the Faqs page. 

No Partner Needed!
No Experience Necessary!
We specialize in two-left feet!

Bring a friend and get a discount