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Lindy Hop level 2 - Performance / Routine class

Instructor Permission to join in March unless you were with us in February
Please email us if you are interested in joining in March and missed the previous months. 
Consider checking out our additional classes to get up to speed as well.

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March Performance Class - Level 2 at Lindy Central
4 week session plus a rehearsal in the month of March

Join us for a great opportunity to learn a classic lindy hop routine built around social dance techniques.  You can translate the ideas from the routine and apply them to the social dance floor.
This class will help you learn about creating flow and transitions in your dancing.  You will also work on increasing your creativity overall!
This is a really fun opportunity to learn with a great, welcoming group of people.

Level 2 requirements - please know basic 6 count rhythms, 8 count rhythms, swingouts, and charleston

You do not need to perform the routine with us, but we do encourage it.
Every session we have a mix of people who want to perform and those who just want to work on great dance technique.

We will have a few opportunities to perform and let me tell you, it is ALWAYS fun, fun, fun.

This class rate includes an extra class rehearsal as well at the 4 week session.
$50 / person if registered by Feb 25th (*this includes the entire month of March including the rehearsal)