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Special Workshop featuring Kye Michael & Carla Crowen

Join us for a fun class featuring Kye Michael and Carla Crowen
Thursday, May 3rd - 8:15pm
At The Studio in Enola, PA

The Art of Redirection and Connection- level 2 and up

This will be a fun class designed to challenge how you think about connecting in the dance so that you can create a dynamic, unique dance with each person with whom you dance.

We are excited to be featuring a great instructor from the San Francisco Bay Area, Kye Michael, joining us this evening for a special class. Kye focuses on creating a dynamic, fluid dance between partners.  He is known for his ability to present his ideas on dancing as tangible concepts so that students can grasp even difficult content.  Kye also loves to use his sense of humor to help create a relaxing, fun environment for learning.
Come dance with us soon!  

Please already be comfortable with basic 6 count, Charleston, 8 count

Class is $15 / person or $25 / for 2 (one leader and one follower)