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Frankie & Norma Inspired Lindy routine

Frankie Manning and Norma Miller Inspired Lindy Hop Routine
Sunday, August 11th, 2019
3:00pm - 7:00pm
- workshop time - there will be breaks and a small practice session as well

Join us to learn an amazingly fun, challenging routine inspired by the greats: Frankie Manning and Norma Miller.

This workshop will move along at a quick pace with the thought that people will practice a bit on their own outside of class to feel more confident and to master the ideas in this routine. We also hope to host a few practice sessions afterwards. Stay tuned for details.
In addition, we are striving to take this routine to perform at ILHC this December. This is an amazing event in the D.C. area. Anyone is welcome to learn the routine and perform it with us there at the International Lindy Hop Championships in 2019 (the weekend of December 2nd, an event to honor Norma Miller and her 100th birthday.)

3:00pm - 7:00pm

(we will have several breaks and a little practice session afterwards to work on parts of the routine and ask questions).

Location - Camp Hill, PA
Dance Reflections
941 Kranzel Drive, Camp Hill, PA

$45 / person if registered by August 1st
$80 / couple if registered by August 1st - one leader and one follower
$50 / person August 1st - August 9th
$55 at the door
Limited Space available

Pre-requisites: We know levels are so relative and that we all are continuing to learn and improve our skills. We have decided to post a list of the things we think you should already know how to do before attending the workshop. That being said, we won’t be auditioning people in anyway and if you are not feeling up to speed, we can recommend hitting up some classes, private lessons, workshops before this event. We also will allow people who are not quite ready to still take the class as long as you bring your own partner and understand something may be a challenge for a little bit, but YOU WILL GET IT with some hard work, persistence, perseverance, and possibly mentorship. We will find ways to help you achieve your goals!

Please know the following steps, rhythms, and movements before attending this workshop.
Lindy Circle
Basic tuck turns
charleston side by side
tandem charleston
right side pass
mixing both 6 and 8 count rhythms
Email for questions and or concerns

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