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New Charleston Series - Get Ready for the 20s, AGAIN

We are really excited to be bringing you this dynamic dance class this summer and throughout the fall. Get ready for the 20s, again!
* * * *
Wednesdays starting August 14th at 8:00pm
8:00 - 9:00pm
(we need a minimum number of 12 to make the class move forward so, consider registering for the whole series to help that happen and then sharing the news with your friends - we thank you!)
It is almost the 20s again and we are ready to help you having a roaring good time when 2020 hits and beforehand as well. Let’s face it, you will inevitably be invited to some fun Gatsby themed party / a Flapper dance party / Charleston Challenge / Speakeasy you name it, and we want you to feel secure, confident, and sprightly - maybe even a bit vivacious in your dance steps.

Let us help you have the most fun learning this dance and or improving your skills in this dance.
No matter where you dance it, you can bring the party with your lively, spontaneous dance moves.

Not only will you learn how to dance like they did in the 1920s (and still do all over the world today at many Lindy hop festivals and even on national television like “So You Think You Can Dance.”) you will also get a great workout that is as hard or as easy as you want to make it in each class experience.
We will use a mini-routine to teach a great repertoire of movements while simultaneously learning about timing, musicality, and even some showmanship.
There will be opportunities to perform and even a student showcase in October.
There is no obligation to perform but we guarantee it will be a fun, memorable experience.

All ages and all types and just get ready for a lot of fun!
Come work on your solo movement in this fun, energetic class. It is open to all levels and genders. We will work on the technique behind dance steps and rhythms

This class will be held at Dance Reflections
941 Kranzel Drive, Camp Hill, PA

Taught by Carla Crowen & Hana Yanello plus other members of the Solo Jazz Troupe, The SugarSnaps:

$10 / person if registered in advance for the session - 4 weeks per session

$15 / person to drop-in at the door

Includes a video review for people attending classes and or signed up for the session

We need a minimum of 12 people to register for this class to have it continue for the entire month.

Come check it out the first week to see what is all about.