Holiday Friends & Family ONLINE VIDEO tutorial

Holiday Friends & Family ONLINE VIDEO tutorial

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(*my mom helped me make this routine and she is rocking it at 66 years young. There she is dancing with her sister (Cathy) in the photo -Go, Mom!).

Holiday Friends and Family Online Video Tutorial: Starts December 1st
Learn at your own pace. Learn in the comforts of your own home!

This is a silly, simple, line dance with limited partner interactions. You don’t need to know how to swing dance, yet, for this routine. With a few practices, you will be rockin’ in in no time at all!!

Ready for a little extra fun this winter and holiday season?
Looking for an excuse to laugh more, dress in whimsical colors and twist the day (or night away)? Looking to connect with more people including your FAMILY, friends, co-workers, and heck, anyone willing to give it a try? Curious about a performance class, but can’t quite commit to the rigors of regular classes and or rehearsals, yet? Just want a little extra motivation to get up and get moving?

Well, we have an amazing opportunity for you.
Join us for a simple, fun, energetic, all levels, all ages, all abilities, all fun, (but some work) performance class. BUT WAIT!!! This is just another regular class, it seems?
Nope, we are going to be offering a “live class",” but we are going to send simple, fun videos for you and your family to learn from at home or at a friend’s house so you can learn on your own schedule and at your own pace!

Please do register for this online video tutorial so we can send you the fun videos when the class opens. We will also post on here and on the Facebook page when our “LIVE CLASS” will be taking place so perhaps you can join us there as well.

1. Register for the December 16th Rhythm Lounge here at LindyCentral and automatically receive the videos (we hope you will learn the routine to run out on the floor and dance with us on December 16th at The Rhythm Lounge or any place, for that matter!)

2. Pay what you can (suggested rate of a minimum of $5 per video up to…..)
We really want to have as many people as possible join in for this simple, fun, interactive line dance. We posted some suggestions for payment options. You will receive the whole routine with your registration. You can choose to pay what you can or want. Have questions about this, please message me.

Choreographed by Carla Crowen, Rye Crowen, Vicky Weldon (my mom), with some feedback from the under 10 crowd as well.

This is a routine made up for those people who might say something like:
I wish I could dance, but I can’t make it to class.
I wish I could dance, but I have two-left feet!
I wish I could dance, but I don’t have a partner.
I wish I could dance, but I am too young.
I wish I could dance, but I am too old.
One of these days, I am going to make it out to dance.
I wish I could dance, but class seems so far away.
I wish I could dance, but what if I am not very good.
I wish I could dance, but I take a long time to learn.
I wish I could dance, but man, I don’t want to take off these slippers today ;)
I wish I could, but…..

This is meant to be a fun experiment and a way to include more people in the dance world! Let’s do it! SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! Happy Holidays!

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