Balboa Workshop TBA - Multi-level

Balboa Workshop TBA - Multi-level

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Dearest Dancers,

We have been really looking forward to this workshop with David Lee and Marty Lau, but due to the impending threat of snow and PennDot threatening with road closures already, we have decided to cancel today's workshop and attempt at a reschedule with these instructors for a future awesome Balboa experience! 

For those of you who pre-registered, please know you will be given a full refund. If you do not see your refund within the next 48 hours, please do check with us.  

We will be attempting to reschedule as soon as possible. 
We hope you understand our decision in this.  It was a challenging one to make and might have kept a certain someone up for a few extra hours last night.  We have many people driving several hours to get here, including an instructor and we want to help to keep everyone safe! 

We look forward to spending some time on the dance floor with you soon.

Hopefully we will see many of you next weekend, March 10th, for The Rhythm Lounge featuring Gretchen Midgley and her sidecar special from D.C.

Until then, stay safe and get some shuffle steps in wherever you may be!

Again, our apologies!

Happy Dancing

~ The Lindy Central Crew

p.s. There had BETTER be snow now!!!! ;) 
Balboa Workshop and Practicum - Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

Featuring esteemed guest instructors, David Lee (from D.C.), Marty Lau (from Harrisburg), and assisted by Carla Crowen from LindyCentral.

2:00pm - Workshop 1
3:00pm - Workshop 2
4:00 - Practice Session with peers and instructors

There will be 2 levels for this workshop:
Level 1 - Intro to the fundamentals of Balboa
Level 2 - Intermediate Ideas in Balboa (please know basics plus come-around and lollies, and toss-out)

$26 in advance for both hours - registered by March 1st
$32 at the door for both hours
$18 / person per 1 hour
All classes include the practice session afterwards

Dance Reflections in Camp Hill
941 Kranzel Drive, Camp Hill

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