Follower's Focus, TBA

Follower's Focus, TBA

from 20.00

Description:  2 hour workshop intensive for lindy hop / swing dance followers to come work on increasing dancing prowess through jazz movement, exercises, repetition of drills, discussions, and TONS OF DANCING!!  
Swivels, Footwork rhythms, leading and following concepts and more.  

Please already know 6 count and 8 count rhythms including TRIPLE STEPS. Please already know basic swingout, circle, and charleston

This is NOT for raw beginners.  Please email us if you have questions - thanks

Register in advance as we have limited spots for this workshop
$20 in advance
$25 by ....
$30 drop-ins space permitting


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Register for the month series by the Thursday before the first class begins and receive a $5 discount by using the promo code EARLYBIRDOCTOBER during checkout. For Couples, use the code EARLYBIRDCOUPLEOCTOBER for a $10 discount.