Lindy Central Performance class - April 5th

Lindy Central Performance class - April 5th

from 45.00

Performance Class - Lindy Hop continuing on Thursday in April at 7:15pm
Instructor permission unless you already have been with us in either January, February, or March.  

Come learn a fun routine with us build upon social dance moves.  
You have the option of performing or just learning this routine to work on your dance techniques, fluidity and transitions.  There will be some fun, challenging moves, but we will be sure to break all of the information down each week in class.

Expect a lively, fun, energetic class filled with lots of fun, welcoming dancers and expert instructors.

We can not wait to share this project with you!
Sign up in advance for the best rate.  Bring a friend (opposite lead or follow) to help us balance the lead / follow ratio.  We do encourage everyone to rotate during classes as well.

If you have questions, please email me

Let's Dance!

must know both 6 count and 8 count footwork
must already know how to swingout on the social dance floor
must already know basic Charleston
must know basic passes and tuck turns
(*if you are not ready for this class, come join us in our Beginner Charleston in April or perhaps consider a PRIVATE LESSON to get you up to speed!


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Come learn a Lindy Hop routine class rooted in social dancing and partner connection plus Jazz movement as well. Please already know basic 6 count, 8 count, charleston, and the swingout.