The Rhythm Lounge, Sunday, May 6th

The Rhythm Lounge, Sunday, May 6th

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The Rhythm Lounge: Sunday, May 6th - 3:00 - 6:30pm
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Introducing a new swing dance venue, The Rhythm Lounge, created by Lindycentral and hosted by Appalachian Brewery in Harrisburg, PA.

We are gearing up for a mammoth Swing dance party this spring featuring live music, great workshops, performances, and a dance contest. All that will be mixed with TONS of Social dancing!!!

On Sunday, May 6th, we invite you to attend this amazing swing dance party featuring the swingin' sounds of Parlour Noir, one of the hottest jazz bands out of Philadelphia. They play a range of tempos all suitable for the social dance floor.

We hope to bring the community together through the art of dance.

Schedule Overview:
Doors open at 2:45
Classes begin at 3:00pm
Band begins at 4:00pm

Detailed Schedule:
3:00pm - Secrets of Fluidity and Creativity - Intermediate & above Lindy Hop
3:00pm - Beginner Swing Dance Taster - Intro to 6 count rhythms
4:00pm - 6:30pm - Hot Tunes of PARLOUR NOIR!

Performances and dance contest during band breaks
More details will be published soon.
Stay tuned and check out the website and the facebook page for more updates at
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We will be at Appalachian Brewery starting this spring. They have an amazing space and awesome HARDWOOD floor, plus they are climate controlled. Have I mentioned how delicious their fries are ;)

We can not wait to welcome all of you and your friends and family to this new, wonderful, welcoming venue.
There is plenty of parking as well!

Harrisburg, PA
Appalachian Brewery on Cameron Street
50 North Cameron Street, Harrisburg
Please park and walk responsibly.

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