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Class Level Descriptions


Level 1 - Beginner
(*All Levels classes also good for Beginners)

If you are just starting your Swing dancing journey, this is THE PLACE for you.  Join us in any level 1 class or All Levels class.  These are classes that show you the foundations (fundamentals) of the dance.  Some people spend a few months in Level 1 classes and others move on more quickly. We recommend spending about 3 to 4 months in a level 1 class before advancing to a higher level. 

If you have less than 3 months of dance experience or you have possibly taken a break for a while, we suggest joining us in a level 1 class. This is a great class for people needing a refresher or if you want to learn how to do the opposite role in terms of leading and following.


Level 2 - Pre-Intermediate- Intermediate

This class is great for people have been dancing swing a bit more consistently, but still getting the hang of things.  You already know basic 6 count rhythms, basic 8 count rhythms, basic swingouts, and Charleston.  You try to go social dancing a few times a month and usually at least once a week. We suggest joining us in this level when you are ready for a bit more of a challenge and ready to start combining your rhythms and making a more exciting dance.  If you do not know how to swingout, please do check out one of our Level 1 classes or consult your instructor before joining us in a level 2 class. 


Level 3 - Intermediate 

This class level is geared towards people who have been lindy hopping for a while now.  You know how to successfully combine 6 count and 8 count movements.  In fact, you understand the concept of mixing rhythms beyond 6 & 8 and have been adding in your own fun styling and rhythms to the dance. You are comfortable dancing your lindy hop to a variety of tempos.  You can add Charleston and jazz into your dancing.  You work hard to connect to yourself, your partner, and the music.  You go out social dancing probably every week at least once and when you don't you still practice and or dream about lindy hopping again soon. 


Level 4 - Advanced & beyond

This is for very experienced lindy hoppers.  You have a variety of swingouts you can readily call upon in your dancing.  You seamlessly mix a variety of rhythms.  Relearning yours basics is exciting and challenging in a whole new way.  You totally love to geek out on technique.  Leading and following more complicated figures is something you can do often when social dancing.  You have a sense of timing and some understanding of musicality.  You social dance regularly. You are happy to work on count 6 in the swingout for a long time, but also love classes that teach challenging combinations.  You understand teamwork in this dance.  You probably have worked a little bit on your non-dominant role to help your own learning and or maybe because you want to be ambidancesterous too. Most likely you travel to different dance events around the world and you feel like you are possibly living in the wrong time period - ha ha!


Please note that it is also possible for some people to join us in two levels at the same time as long as you meet all the criteria for the highest level in which you are participating.