Private Lessons


Private lessons are great for many reasons.  People take them for a variety of reasons and at a variety of times.  Private lessons are a great opportunity to really get the individual attention you need and go at the pace and in the direction you want to go in.  Tailor made, super fun, relaxed atmosphere!  It is FOR YOU!

**Rates vary depending on location and lesson material. Please contact us to get started.

  • For some people just starting out, jumping into a group class might seem overwhelming, therefore, a private lesson could be a great way to get started.

  • For people who only want to dance with their significant other at the beginning, we suggest starting in private lessons.

  • Preparing for a special event or a WEDDING - why not try out some fun, private lessons where you can tailor the material, pace, and direction to suit your needs and time frame.  

  • Feeling a bit apprehensive about learning in front of others?  Check out a private lesson to help you build up your confidence.

  • Can't make our regular classes due to a scheduling conflict, private lessons are the way to go.

  • Working on preparing a choreography or preparing for a competition, maybe try upping your game with a private lesson! 

  • Working on something a bit tricky for you from a class?  Check out a private lesson!!

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