Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where should I start?

We recommend that most new dancers join us in our Level 1 Beginner series that start the beginning of every month. Usually, these are on Thursdays at this time. If that does not fit your schedule, join us in our drop-in classes which we host before social dance parties. We also offer private lessons. If you have some experience, please read the expectations for each different class level to find one that suits your skill level and interests.

  • Great! I can not wait to join you, but I just missed the start of the series and I don't want to wait 3 or 4 more weeks!  

We hear you! That can feel like forever when you are waiting for this sweet dance to tickle your toes and delight your soul. No sweat! Just drop-in to our beginner class on weeks 1, 2, and we will do what we can to help catch you up.  Please email us ahead of time if you can so we can be as prepared as possible. If it is week 3 or 4, we suggest trying hard to wait until the start of the new series and or joining us at one of our Beginner classes before a Rhythm Lounge event the last Friday of the month. It might be hard to jump into a class series (*especially for beginners) on one of the later weeks such as week 3 or 4 as we try to build our classes in a progressive format. 

  • Awesome! I am signing up, but hold on, hold on, your registration form says "partner" and "role!"  what is going on here?

First off, in 99% of our classes, you will NOT need a partner. In fact, we pretty much supply them for you since we rotate in our classes. This means we all get to practice social dancing and learning together. It is awesome. So, no partner needed. But, if you do have a partner and really, really, really don't want to rotate, we understand, but we do highly recommend rotating for better learning and often, more enjoyment. Email us if you are concerned.

  • Okay, no partner needed, but which role should I sign up for?

We teach partner dances in many of our classes and in partner dances there are usually two roles: the leader and the follower.  These are not gender specific.

We do not care which role you would like to do and encourage people to choose a role that is most appealing personally. We also encourage people to spend time learning a bit about both roles to increase not only your understanding of the dance itself, but also your empathy for your partners. If you want to change the role you are learning during a progressive series that is fine with us; let us know and we will do what we can to help catch you up in the next class. 

The "Lead role" is what we often think of as the initiator of moves, but in no way does the leader "control" the dance.  The leader makes a suggestion and comes up with the "moves" and or direction that is then suggested to the follower.  

The "Follow role" is often what we consider the interpreter of the leader's ideas and suggestions. The follower has just as much input and value in the dance as the leader. 

These roles are valued EQUALLY at Lindy Central.

In our classes we strive to give ample information to both leaders and followers to make sure you both understand how important both roles are in a partner dance such as this one. Our dance is like a beautiful, two-way conversation. We will help you learn oodles of skills to make sure you feel connected to your partner, the music, and most importantly, your self.  

  • I am so stoked! What is next?

Pre-register! This is a great way to save your spot in our classes and will also help you save some money, too. In fact, pre-registering allows us to see the ratio of leaders to followers and help to balance the class ahead of time if we need to to ensure a better learning environment. In most of our classes, we do need a minimum and we have a maximum, so it is always best to register in advance. If our class does not meet the minimum or exceeds our maximum, all registered students will be notified. 

  • Whoops! I didn't remember to pre-register!! What now?

No worries! Drop-in to our class the evening it occurs. If you want to check on things ahead of time, simply email us and we can provide you with information.

  • What shall I wear?

We recommend that you wear something comfortable. Many people dress as if they are coming for a casual night out and some people come dressed in workout attire. On our social dance party nights, people tend to dress up a bit more (evening out to dinner at a casual place or some people wearing vintage clothing from 1920s- 1950s). The biggest thing is to be comfortable. We suggest wearing shoes that are not too heavy or grippy. Please no mega-high heel if you are just learning. Take a look at the photos on this website to see what some people wear. Be comfortable. And, if you sweat a lot, feel free to bring extra shirts and or a small towel. We do have air conditioning, but sometimes, we really dance hard!
(*no stilettos allowed on ballroom floor for safety reasons)

  • I signed up for the series and can not make it to class tonight?

At this time, we do not offer make-up classes. Your best bet is to come a few minutes early or stay a little after and practice with people (other students and teachers if they are available). Most classes do spend some time reviewing.  Often people do post video reviews of the material as well. Some people like to catch up with a private lesson. You can always email us if you are concerned or have more questions.  

  • Well, I signed up for class and can not make it to any of them.

Please simply notify us before the first class of the session you registered for and we will refund you or give you a class credit.  Once the series has started we can not refund your payment. Please email us for all emergency situations.

  • I have taken a few of those "drop-in swing dance classes" before, what level should I start in?

We recommend starting in our level 1 classes as instructors and studios can vary drastically in content. If you feel the class is not a good fit, simply come and chat with your instructors. 

  • I want to be more involved in the dance community and maybe start teaching and promoting?  

Awesome!!! We are always looking for enthusiastic, kindred souls to help us spread this dance to more people. Simply email us so we can find a time to chat and talk about your goals.

  • How do I get a social dance at a dance party?

Simply walk over to someone whom you would like to share a dance with and ask them politely for a dance. "Would you like to dance?" works wonderfully. BOTH leaders and followers are encouraged and frankly, expected to ask at social dances. 

  • I can not make it to classes at this time, can I still come to the dances?

Of course, anyone is welcome to join us at our social dance parties. You do not need to be taking our classes to come and dance with us.   

Do I have to say "Yes" to everyone who asks me to dance?

If you want to decline a dance, please do so.  Dance when you want to dance and we hope that this is often, but if you do not want to dance, please politely say "no thank you."  You do not need to have a huge reason as to why you don't want to dance. This is your right and we honor that.  We try to cultivate a very positive, non-shaming, inspiring, SAFE dance space.  That means you get to say whom you dance with and when you dance.  It is okay to say "no."
That being said, dancing with a variety of people can enhance ones dance experience and also help in learning and keeping things social and positive for others.  Both leaders and followers can ask to dance. If you want to dance with someone, we suggest walking over and asking them to dance by simply saying "would you like to dance?"  
We suggest that you try not to read too much into a "no" and just move onto the next person you might want to ask to dance.  There are many reasons people say "no."  Most of the time, it has nothing to do with the person who did the asking.  It could be something as simple as a person being tired from the previous song. It could be that they are having a nice conversation with someone else.  If you have serious concerns, please come to see some of the organizers or instructors to chat with them about your experience regarding this topic.  Thanks